peHUB First Read

Cofee* Want to kill bankers? There’s an app for that

* Justin Fox: Are finance professors to blame for the financial crisis?

* Floyd Norris says goodbye to SarBox reforms. Now what will VCs blame their lack of portfolio company IPOs on?

* Morning Call: U.S. futures mixed ahead of payroll figures, London rises early, European shares gain, the Nikkei edges higher and Shanghai jumps 5.6% for the week.

* PEW Research says that U.S. college enrollment has hit an all-time high

* View from TechStars: How Boston, Boulder and Seattle match up as tech innovation hubs

* Kenichi Kiso, a former partner with Japanese private equity firm Unison Capital, has died after it became known that he was being investigated for insider trading (sub req). Unison dismissed Kiso when it learned of the investigation, and he died the following day of what are still unknown causes.

* Live-blog of yesterday’s twofer earnings call for Ares Capital and Allied Capital

* Rhode Island bans indoor prostitution. Now is that any way to deal with a 12.3% unemployment rate?

* says that this year’s VC-backed IPOs are a bit long in the tooth

* RLJ Western Asset Management, a partnership between RLJ Cos. and Western Asset Management, has raised enough capital to participate in the PPIP

* Latest on the Offerpal Media saga, where recently-dismissed founder/CEO Anu Shukla has been sued for allegedly cheating another co-founder out of his rightful ownership share. The company itself is not named, nor are its VC investors.

* Venture Capital for a 5th Grader, by Mark Davis of DFJ Gotham Ventures:

View more presentations from Mark Davis.