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Cofee* How to murder your company in 10 easy steps

* Australia sticks TPG with a $628 million tax bill

* Felix Salmon revisists Chicago’s parking meter privatization. Seems to me that this dispute is the very type of thing Carlyle Group is trying to avoid in its public-private structure for the Connecticut highway stops (as opposed to a pure privatization).

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, European shares boosted by financials and commodities, the Nikkei rises in choppy trade and both China and Hong Kong shares recover losses.

* Wharton profs: M&A is back, but this time it’s different

* The Obama administration’s energy push has spurred a shift in U.S. science. In related news, the DoE handed out another $620 million in smart grid grants.

* The FDIC falls into the red for the first time since the S&L crisis, although “the bulk of that negative balance reflects money the agency has set aside to cover future bank failures.”

* Tweet of the Day: @BenParr When you’re between a rock and a hard place, embrace the rock. At least you know what the hell it is.

* The world’s most influential websites

* Harvard launches a new alumni entrepreneurship contest.

* Chris Lee of Highstar Capital, on how the Panama Canal expansion prompted his firm to pump more than $1 billion into the Port of Baltimore (if only Frank Sobotka were alive to see it):