peHUB First Read

Cofee* Henry Blodget: How to know you’ve hired a killer team

* Jeremy Shoemaker’s worst ideas of 2009

* Why do rich, fat men get all the girls? It’s science

* Morning Call: U.S. futures up ahead of weekly jobs data, London rises early on banksEuropean shares bounce back, the Nikkei falls 1.4%, Indian shares slip and China shares rise.

* Q&A with Sandra Horbach, head of The Carlyle Group’s consumer and retail practice

* Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy argue for global regulation of global finance (they do not, however, rate front-page billing… apparently that’s just for Rupe)

* Thomas Friedman has the right counterargument to climate change skeptics and denialists (there is, by the way, a difference between the two — the former is reasonable and the latter is blinded by “us vs. them” partisanship).

* Tweet of the Day: @georgezachary Real name of a Stanford University board trustee. Even funnier that is the 3rd of family line to have the name

* CalPERS responds to WSJ criticism of its private equity investment performance.

* AOL spinoff: A cheatsheet

* Health insurers caught paying Facebook gamers to oppose healthcare reform legislation

* The news keeps getting worse for eBay in the trial over whether its shares in Craigslist were improperly devalued. eBay is supposed to be the aggrieved party, but one of its own attorneys testified yesterday that eBay used confidential Craigslist info — gleaned via eBay’s spot on the Craigslist board — to launch a competing classifieds site. This all sounds a bit reminiscent of what happened when old Daddy Thomson got into a scuffle with CCBN.