peHUB First Read

Cofee* Brad Feld: Beware the hockey stick in your budget

* Jonathan Weil: 5 lessons for the next time banks come begging

* Charlie Gasparino thinks Time Mag should have picked Volcker over Bernanke. I’d agree that Volcker has been — and continues to be — right more often, but Time’s award is for the person with the most impact on the past year (for good or bad). Hard to argue that’s Volcker, as even Charlie concedes that “he has no stroke inside the White House.”

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London falls early, European shares slump on banks, the Nikkei slips and China shares hit 3-week low.

* Mike Arrington on conference interaction etiquette 

* Martin Zwilling: 7 types of angel investors to avoid

* Mark Suster: Great entrepreneurs need street smarts

* Forget FarmVille. The hottest game among Silicon Valley’s technorati involves a board, sheep and wheat.

* (Re)Tweet of the Day: @bryce AMEN! true for VC pitches too. RT @mattb putting each bullet point from your sales pitch on a separate slide doesn’t make you Lessig.

* The stimulus will provide $2 billion to help bridge what’s left of the digital divide. The White House also is promoting $5 billion in new tax breaks for clean energy manufacturing.

* Sullivan & Cromwell managing partner Rodgin Cohen argues that abolishing Glass-Steagall did not cause the financial crisis: