peHUB First Read

Cofee* Lucy Kellaway: “In 2010 the decline of the MBA will cut off the supply of bullshit at source. Pretentious ideas about business will be in retreat.”

* Paul Kedrosky: Having the soundest banks is for weenies

* TechCrunch reports Google is in talks to buy Yelp for $500m

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises early, European shares climb on oil, the Nikkei slips 0.2% and both China and Hong Kong hit 3-week closing lows.

* See what contaminants are in your drinking water (if you dare).

* Mark Geimen: “If Americans dislike and distrust Wall Street as much as they claim they do, why do they keep pouring money into the markets?”

* UBS lists its Top 10 surprises for 2010 (of course, if UBS is predicting them, how can they be surprises?)

* Is Carl Icahn setting his sights on Take Two Interactive? Maybe he’s just a huge Grand Theft Auto fan….

* Tweet of the Day: @timc Digital Sky is Softbank 2.0

* You want to live to 100? More of us will, and this is what life might look like.

* Daniel Indiviglio: Is fair value accounting fair?

* On the same week that social gamer Zynga raised $180m in new VC funding, company CEO Mark Pincus talks IPOs and acquisitions: