peHUB First Read

Cofee* Cyrus Santani: Citadel Broadcasting may have gone bankrupt, but this time the private equity sponsor isn’t to blame.

* Paul Kedrosky: The Zynga funding and Yelp rejection may indicate we’re nearing a “Netscape moment” for tech IPOs.

* ZeroHedge gets its hands on the Dollar General distribution letter from KKR, and considers it an obit for private equity’s latest golden age. 

* The LA Times begins to shine some light on possible conflicts of interest between CalPERS, Al Villalobos and Pacific Corporate Group.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises early, European shares rise on energy and pharma, the Nikkei keeps climbing and Hong Kong shares rebound on banks

* Jobless MBAs seek solace in support groups

* Sequoia Capital plans to raise $1 billion for its first-ever consolidated fund (a new strategy we first reported on last October). Our understanding is that books have already been sent out, with a close scheduled in March. Most LPs I speak with say they’re reserving judgment until after Sequoia’s annual meeting, which takes place January 13-14 in Beijing.

* Bilal Zuberi: Cleantech VC investment predictions for 2010

* peHUB never used to care much about Steve Cohen of SAC Capital, since hedge funds aren’t what we do here. But considering that SAC last week agreed to participate in a take-private buyout of Airvana, we have newfound interest. So we’re playing catchup, which means we should start at the beginning: This video of Cohen on a tabloid talkshow back in 1992, discussing his lack of fidelity (no, this is not a joke).

* Tweet of the Day: @rafeco Sentences you never want to see in an IM window: “You’re not on mute.”

* Michael Corkery: What eBay can teach the U.S. treasury

* If Twitter had pitched itself on Dragon’s Den: