peHUB First Read

Cofee* Caroline Baum: “New normal” was the most overused phrase of 2009, followed by “unprecedented,” “exit strategy” and “green shoots.”

* Top 10 Internet startup scalability killers

* TriZetto Group offers to buy Canopy Financial’s assets for $6.1 million

* Chris Nelder: What if the Energy Information Administration Outlook were written by an honest person?

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises early, European shares extend rally, the Nikkei hits 3-month closing high and strong closes for both China and Hong Kong shares.

* Brad Feld: The downsides of large VC syndicates

* SEC sues Heisman Trophy co-sponsor for investment fraud

* Michael Karnjanaprakorn: A 50k foot view of the New York startup scene, whose emergence is one of the main entrepreneurial storylines of 2009.

* Need a new iPhone game? How about Bailout Wars, where the goal is to defend the White House from Wall Streeters looking for cash (imagine 1600 Penn Ave. as a castle, and the bankers as barbarians at the gate).

* George Stephanopoulos Q&A with Tim Geithner:

STEPHANOPOULOS:  You said earlier that some of the banks get it.  Which ones don’t?
GEITHNER:  That’s not a judgment for me to make or I want to share you — share…
STEPHANOPOULOS:  Well, you’re going to make it.  You’re just not going to share it.
GEITHNER:  However, I don’t think I’ll share that with you, no.

 * Another day, another startup incubator

* 2010 M&A outlook, with Alan Alpert of Deloitte and Bob Filek of PwC: