peHUB First Read

Cofee* Malcom Gladwell argues that the successful entrepreneur “is anything but a risk-taker. He is a predator, and predators seek to incur the least risk possible while hunting.” (sub req, but you can get a free trial)

* CalPERS this week will release another raft of documents about placement agents, and the general partners who love them.

* Sean Park: “The way the institutional marketplace for private equity (including venture capital) is structured is all about raising capital and only incidently about investing that capital.”

* Morning Call: U.S. futures up on China import data, London hits 16-month high, European shares keep climbing, the Nikkei gains 1.1% despite a 12% loss for Japan Airlines and both Hong Kong and China shares rise.

* A script for The Big Lebowski, as it would have been written by Shakespeare

* Wall Street “frat” Kappa Beta Phi names its newest members (and throws dinner rolls at them)

* Ben Holmes of Index Ventures believes that VCs might finally be seeing a light at the end of their mobile black hole…

* … but The Deal sees a continuing black hole for VC investments into online music startups

* Michael Eisenberg of Benchmark Capital asks I-bankers not to ruin the current IPO window

* Tweet of the Day: @louwhiteman Atlanta paper not delivered today due to snow. Cust service rep on phone says “just go on line, it’s all free there.” Um…

* Career Advice: Once you get your foot in the door, how to keep it there

* Big beer M&A apparently didn’t end in 2009, although this one isn’t private equity-backed.

* The Richter Scales perform In the Valley at last Friday’s Crunchies: