peHUB First Read

Cofee* Dharmesh Shah: 10 things most MBA programs won’t teach you about startups

* Chinese banks are beginning to step into traps that await novice global acquirers.

* Brad Burnham of Union Square Ventures argues for an independent invention defense to fight patent trolls.

* Morning Call: Stock futures fall on Alcoa earnings, London falls early, European shares extend losses, the Nikkei keeps clumbing despite JAL’s tumble and China rises on shipping stocks.

* A 2011 IPO for Chrysler?

* Robert Scoble: Best and worst of 2010 CES

* Montagu Private Equity’s new chief sidelights as an Iron Man Triathlon competitor

* Rob Day: VC fundraising woes could have a negative trickle-down effect for entrepreneurs.

* Jeff Gundlach is fighting back against TCW, but also seems to concede the veracity of TCW’s most salacious charges.

* Low bids for MGM cloud the famed studio’s fate

* Paul Smalera: Why is AIG still trading at $29 per share?

* Carried interest tax discussion on CNBC (titled “War on Wealth” — just so you know the network’s position). Most notable development is that Robert Stewart no longer has a beard: