peHUB First Read

Cofee* Mark Ragan: My story of living through jargon hell in the private equity world

* Stewart Ellman: Do VCs have expiration dates?

* Steven Pearlstein: “NBC’s late-night farce is emblematic of just about everything that is wrong with American business these days.”

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London ticks lower, European shares rise on pharma, the Nikkei falls 1.3% and China shares slide on PBOC tightening.

* Mitch Lasky on EA’s miss

* John Nunemaker: I have no talent

* Robert Mancuso: Think twice before you IPO

* Michael Corkery: “Wall Street bankers haven’t faced a grilling like this since financier J.P. Morgan Jr. ended up with a circus midget in his lap and his sterling reputation in tatters.”

* Scumbags of the day: Michael Kettenbach and Gary Crossen

* Tweet of the Day: @stevepagliuca Happy New Year! I plan to be active with Twitter & other social media this year & am rolling out new website & blog 

* Google announces a new approach toward China. If the search giant closes its doors there, I wonder what type of impact it would have on Kai-fu Lee’s incubator project…

* 2010 IPO outlook with Lee Graul of BDO: