peHUB First Read

Cofee* Sam Gustin: 10 things we already hate about the Apple Tablet

* Does algae cultivation have a worse carbon footprint than corn?

* Jeremy Grantham on the Volcker rules: “These new ideas are all good stuff as far as I’m concerned, and entirely justified.”

* Gordon Brown on Volcker rules: ““In the American circumstances, it may be necessary for the private equity and hedge fund work to be separated. We don’t have that issue here.”

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point to mixed open, London keeps falling, European shares dip, the Nikkei’s slide continues and Hong Kong shares hit 4-month low.

* Square releases its full list of angel investors, including some notable first-timers

* After three months behind a paywall, Newsday has sold just 35 website subscriptions (no, that is not a typo)

* Carbonite, a VC-backed online backup company, says that it will file for an IPO later this year.

* Pro-Wall Street 34-year-old is challenging Rep. Carolyn Maloney in the Democratic primary, and she has a bunch of private equity ties (not all of them are resume enhancers).

* Tweet of the Day: @ktbenner Do all people become unbearably pedantic as they age?

* Tweet of the Day #2: @rohrsh It is a great sign if entrepreneurs asks the VC for references

* U.S. wind power: Massive growth, yet bleeding jobs

* With Apple’s Tablet (supposedly) being unveiled today, Kim-Mai Cutler looks at the competition.