peHUB First Read

Cofee* Thomas Goetz: How the Beatles created our soaring healthcare costs

* Is Nathan Myhrvold a champion of investors or a patent troll (or both)?

* Clint Boulton: How Google is becoming a startup incubator

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower with focus on Dell and Wal-Mart, London rises early, European shares climb on banks, the Nikkei gains 0.3% and Hong Kong shares fall.

* The tax returns of the top 400 taxpayers

* New study reports that states are facing a $1 trillion budget gap

* Jamie Quint: Startups should spend time on the things that matter

* CalPERS discloses the private equity and VC firms that did not comply with the voluntary disclosures about placement agent use. Some expected (Markstone) and some surprises (GTCR). Here’s the doc (.pdf)

* Tweet of the Day: @ScottKirsner: Rumor-mill-can-be-wrong dept.: Neil Sequeira of General Catalyst says firm *isn’t* planning to open offices in NY and CA.

* Tweet of the Day #2: @bobbymacReuters Audience research must have convinced CNBC that air guitar, sirens, percussion & whooshing noises goose ratings & grease capitalism’s wheels

* Sell your company on eBay (the free shipping is key)

* Matt Taibbi is back on the Wall Street beat: “The bottom line is that banks like Goldman have learned absolutely nothing from the global economic meltdown.”

* Bracing for more bank failures: