peHUB First Read

Cofee* Senate to Detroit: Drop Dead.

* Phil LeBeau on CNBC this morning: “When Oldsmobile went away, the value of existing Oldsmobiles dropped by $1,000. And that was just a brand going away, not a bankruptcy.”

* Morning Call looks ugly, based on the auto bailout collapse: U.S. futures plummet, European futures down, FTSE falls and Hong Kong slumps.

* Jobless techies turn to crime.

* Cleantech VC Rob Day on what’s wrong with cleantech VC.

* What the mainstream media is missing about recession recruiting.

* The “financial adviser” in the middle of the Blago scandal.

* Nouriel Roubini: Eight scary predictions for 2009.

* I knew Bernie Madoff was cheating. That’s why I invested with him.

* The deeper the downturn, the better the inspirational speakers.

* Wallstrip on an auto bailout: