peHUB First Read

* Happy National Green Shoots Day

* Nick DiUlio: What economists are learning from cyber economies

* The Greek tragedy of Wind Hellas: “Private equity and banking can be very constructive functions of the economy, but they will destroy this industry if the leading players do not regulate themselves.”

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London falls early, European shares slip, the Nikkei rises and China shares hit 5-week low.

* Recent MBA grads head (far) east

* Is another bankruptcy wave on the horizon?

* Roger Ehrenberg: It’s time to end the FASB (and shake up the SEC)

* NYC taxi drivers overcharged riders by more than $8.3 million last year.

* NPR’s Ian Chillag uses all 119 of Tribune Co’s banned words in a single sentence.

* More than 370 tickets already sold for our Boston Shindig, which is taking place on March 31. Get yours today.

* Tweet of the Day: @nntaleb In nature we never repeat the same motion. In captivity (office, gym, commute, sports), life is just repetitive stress injury. No randomness

* Tweet of the Day II: @cdixon If u say to investor A that investor B wants to invest, expect A to immediately ping B.

* Pew Poll: Readers prefer ad-supported news model to paywalls. Really, you needed a survey to figure that out?

* Michael Lewis hit 60 Minutes last night, to promote his new book The Big Short:

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Part 2

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