peHUB First Read

* Max Abelson: Return of a subprime villain

* Altos Ventures launches a Fat Startup Watch

* We’ve previously discussed problems with the Dodd Bill vis-a-vis startup investments (particularly the preemption of Regulation D), but didn’t notice a provision that apparently would give the SEC approval rights over angel deals. Got to look into this once I get the morning email out…

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises early, European shares hit 17-month high, the Nikkei climbs and China shares retreat.

* What if women ran Wall Street?

* Will robots replace journalists?

* Bubble alert: Most battery startups will fail

* GoDaddy follows Google out of China. But we’re pretty sure some other softcore porn domain registrar site will take its place.

* Bess Levin asks if CNBC can top the tortoise cam. Clearly Bess hasn’t spent much time in Englewood Cliffs lately, where the stock-picking llama is awaiting its big break.

* Private equity exec Dan Senor will not run for Senate in New York. Until this story, I didn’t realize Dan Senor was considered a private equity exec.

* Blodget fires Carney. Carney turns to improv. If the underlying issue really was quality journalism (scoops/in-depth analysis) vs. click-whore journalism (slideshows, tabloid headlines), then Carney was in the right. Unfortunately, his side is losing with progressive frequency.

* Jonathan Mahler: The Tiger Bubble

* Has the Twitter/TechCrunch hacker been arrested in France?

* Could AOL be where Accel and General Catalyst finally park BrightCove? Ashkan Karbasfrooshan, CEO of, thinks the Internet company is in search of online video acquisitions:

AOL likely to make more online video acquisitions from TheDeal TV on Vimeo.