peHUB First Read

* Volcker Bait: Goldman Sachs is the world’s largest private equity firm.

* Bill Gurley: Hollywood is under less duress than Silicon Valley wants to believe

* Tim Logan: Wooing cool, talented young people is no guarantee of a city’s economic success.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures lifted by Fed statement, London rises early, European shares rebound, the Nikkei loses 2.6% and Hong Kong shares flatten.

* Anal_yst: On blogs and credibility

* Kai-Fu Lee: Five things to know about Chinese startups

* Tim Berry: Five ways backpacking prepared me for startups

* Charles Hudson: If Facebook wants to own the global like, it needs to own

* Adam Adamou: How Canadian VC groupthink almost killed RIM, and why conditions haven’t changed.

* Tweet of the DAY: @lyndonkennedy: Just overheard Bay Area journalism’s death rattle: “We just got a new editor, so I’m covering both green AND venture capital”

* VC Spigots: Funds-of-funds became the top provider of capital to new VC funds in 2009, while endowments and foundations cut way back.

* Jon Stewart on the “Appholes” who prompted a police raid on Gizmodo’s editor:

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