peHUB First Read

* Ryan Avent: Don’t listen to “don’t go to college”

* Josh Lerner: Can public-funded entrepreneurship work?

* Josie Garthwaite: Are electric vehicles at the heart of the next Google-Microsoft rivalry?

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point slightly higher, London falls early, European shares slip, the Nikkei keeps dropping and China shares retreat.

* A history of portable music players

Tesla and Toyota are working together

* Fantasy cartography: How Europe’s map should look

* Could Eliot Spitzer replace Campbell Brown at CNN?

* Hey Chicago: Get your tickets to the peHUB Shindig on June 16

* Yet another privacy problem for Facebook (and for MySpace too, if anyone still cares about it)

* Tweet of the Day: @cleantechvc: I’m not sure what cleantech company has the most unfortunate name, but Brazil’s Energimp has to be a frontrunner…

Tammy Erickson: Leading from the base of the beanstalk

* Google unveils Google TV, and it’s all about the ad reach

* Stanford moves toward the opening of its bookless library

* BNEF: China jumps the U.S. in terms of cleantech project finance