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peHUB First Read

* Thirty ways to wreck your career

* Joe Weisenthal: That “America is bankrupt” talk is madness

* MG Siegler to Google: Cut the BS and give the Gordon Gekko speech already

* U.S. futures point higher, London rises early, European shares slide and the Nikkei inches higher.

* How can you tell is a CEO is lying

Robert Rubin is back on Wall Street

* Zagat gets into the group buying game

* Steve Rattner discusses the changes at GM

* Oracle sues Google over Android-related Java usage

* Seth Levine: The freemium myth and why you might not be charging enough for your products

* BBC: HTML5 not ready for prime time video

* Seed-stage fund alert: Project 11 Ventures

* How to deal with a new boss

* The return of Nordic private equity

* James Ledbetter: “The real message of Callahan’s book is not that the rich have become liberal. It’s that American liberalism itself no longer feels the need to espouse an economic agenda that is decidedly different from that espoused by conservatives. Economics has been surgically removed from the realm of politics and transplanted into a technocratic robot that is run by the Federal Reserve and its acolytes. At least for the time being, most liberal politicians don’t seem to miss it.”

* Expect a bump in second-half tech M&A: