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peHUB First Read

* Roger Ehrenberg: In search of Corporation 2.0

* Mina Kimes: Silicon Valley’s secret rock star

* Kari Dunn Saratovsky: Is social media creating an empathy deficit?

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London rises early, European shares retreat and the Nikkei slips.

* Open-source drug discovery?

* How the Internet would look as a subway map

* Coder: Business co-founders are a dime a dozen

* A new website teaches you to swear in any language

* Scott Olsen proposes Mark Andreessen as interim CEO of HP. Can’t imagine that Andreessen-Horowitz LPs would be okay with that.

* Why so many people hate LBOs: Company records operating profit, but cuts workers/salaries because debt payments create massive net income loss

* Another economic threat: Boomers are cutting back

* Kara Swisher with more on the Demand Media traffic “mystery”

* iPad competition: 32 more pads, slates, etc. coming to market later this year