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peHUB First Read

* The top ten zip codes for startups

* Beth Kowitt: Inside the secret world of Trader Joe’s

* How Steve Schwarzman passed (some of) the reins to Tony James

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises early, European shares fall and the Nikkei hits a 16-month low.

* Digital Chocolate files suit against Zynga

* Why General Catalyst invested in Rue La La

* Mark Cuban: The stock market is for suckers

* Daniel Alpert: Gleaning the bond market’s message

* The top three hottest new majors for a career in tech

* A recent secondary market trade valued Facebook at $33.7 billion

* Elevation Partners is nearing an investment in Pandora (i.e., the soundtrack of my workdays)

* Since some of you have asked: After tomorrow, the best way to reach me via email will be Or follow me on Twitter @danprimack.

* Nassim Taleb discusses risk, and takes some shots at private equity (go to 10:50):