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peHUB First Read

* How to pronounce “potash”

* Jonathan Tower: The seed/micro-VC trend is a boom, not a bubble

* Ryan Singel: Google’s plan to allow phone calls via Gmail isn’t an attack on Skype. It’s an attack on Facebook.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises early, European shares rebound and the Nikkei climbs.

* Chris Douvos: Party like it’s 1998

* The definitive Y Combinator Day debrief

* Will Michael Eisner become CEO of Tribune Co?

* David Barboza: Why TPG has joined the rush into yuan funds

* Is Barney Frank after Elizabeth Warren’s job? (even before she has it)

* Former RNC chair Ken Mehlman made headlines yesterday for coming out of the closet. We only mention it here because Ken currently serves as head of global public affairs at KKR.

* Morgan Stanley: Sovereign defaults are inevitable

* David Callaway: Jackson Hole more goat rodeo than Bretton Woods

* A bike path in Portland gets some Super-Mario signage:

* Video of a fire tornado in Brazil. Yeah, you read that right: A fire tornado!