peHUB First Read

* Hurricane Earl is heading toward North Carolina.

* Airplanes, movie theaters and convenience stores plan to post calorie counts.

* Euro-Zone Unemployment remains steady, India’s economy expands 8.8%, China Yuan posts biggest monthly loss after U.S. stocks fell.

* Encap raising $3.5 billion fund.

* Anglo Irish Bancorp. may need no more than 25 billion euros ($32 billion) in capital.

* Harry McCracken on Roku’s preemptive price cuts.

* Harry Potter author donates millions for MS research.

* Candover Investments says it will “wind itself up” (sell its portfolio of companies).

* Major hedge funds cut back on equity risks.

* Chartbeat raises $3 million in funding.

* A Facebook scam promises to give you a free iPad or iPhone 4.

* PE shops unlikely to lead M&A.

(CORRECTION: The name Harry McCracken was misspelled as Henry McCracken in the original version of this story).