peHUB First Read

Hating the New Look: New Gap logo catches Twitter buzz.

Secret Talks: What were the chiefs of Microsoft and Adobe chatting about? While other says rumors are nonsense.

David Brooks: Zuckerberg isn’t a bad person, he just isn’t house-trained.

Buffett on PE: The Oracle of Omaha avoids buying companies from buyout funds because “they don’t know the business.”

Flash Crash: The mutual fund behind the May 6 stock plunge.

Media Merger: Tina Brown’s Daily Beast bids for Newsweek.

Freakonomics Author: Businesses hiring economist is “mostly a wast of time.”

Mortage Uncertainty: Wilbur Ross says that improperly handled mortgages and a halt in evictions will slow down the lending process.

American Hipocrite: Lou Dobbs gets caught using undocumented workers to keep up his homes and horses.

Capital Falls: PE fundraising totals drops 10% for first nine months.

Thiel’s Harship: Clarium Capital drops YTD by 16%.

FB Dangers: Superman’s social media nightmare.