peHUB First Read

Downfalls: Old media may have its problems but why do so many new media startups commit suicide?

PE Shakeout: Which financial sponsors won’t survive the economic slump.

Hiring: HP brings in a Nokia exec to run mobile software webOS.

Privacy Breach: WSJ investigation find that many popular apps on Facebook transmit personal info to advertisers and internet tracking companies.

Picture Tells the Story: The 50 Ugliest Cars of the past 50 years.

No Yankees or Giants: Cablevision and Fox fight over rates and 3 million subscribers miss their shows and sports.

Breaking Bread: Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have dinner and guess what they talked about?

Secondary Sales: Funds pitch access to companies likely to go public, including Twitter.

Salaries: Why companies keep pay a secret.

Rehab: Goldman tries to change its image and hires Bess Joffe.

Fund Buy: RBC to buy Blue Bay for $1.5 billion.

IPO: The New Yorker’s John Cassidy on the future of Gawker Media and whether it can be sold or go IPO.

Jeffrey Goldfarb: Reviews “Kings of Capital,” which he says provides lots of deal details but little personal ones.”