peHUB First Read

M&A: Apple has $51 billion in cash and a shopping list that may include Facebook. Plus, Google’s Andy Rubin fires back at Jobs tirade.

Privacy: Facebook vows to fix flaw in data privacy.

Merger Off: Did Jack Welch kill the Daily Beast’s buy of Newsweek?

A Landing: Andrew Trader, a former Zynga exec, has joined VC firm Maveron.

Stars in their Eyes: VCs set sights on Hollywood.

Pension Crisis: Eleven state pension funds that may run out of money (i.e. Illinois).

Departure: Ray Ozzie, Bill Gates’s replacement, is leaving Microsoft.

More Earnings: BofA reports $3 billion in adjusted net profit while third quarter losses widen.

Dimmer Prospects: Women are less confident they will have enough money in retirement and are more likely to trim household budgets, according to a Bloomberg poll.

Walking Away: Gordon Ramsey’s father-in-law has stepped down as head of Gordon Ramsey Holdings, the TV chef’s main restaurant business.

Going Public: Brightcove, an online video publisher, is prepping for an IPO in 2011.

Buying More: Warren Buffett is raising his stake in Munich Re.

You’re Fired: Tribune board is ready to oust its CEO.