peHUB First Read

Rumor Debunked: Facebook isn’t raising a Series E funding round with Apple as an investor. But Twitter may seek another round, which could be $200 million.

Staying Put: BP will remain in the U.S. and will keep drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Also, BP sells four fields in the Gulf to pay for the oil spill.

No MSFT Takeover: Adobe CEO says the company will grow independently.

Increases: McDonalds plans to raise prices.

Up for Sale: Investors looking to sell PE funds stakes can soon go to SecondCap, which is expected to launch next year.

A Race: Meg Whitman has way more money but Jerry Brown’s lead is widening.

Where’s Martha:  Sam Waksal, Imclone’s ex-CEO, is back and his new venture is expected to announce a deal.

Why They Rule: In the land of the blind, Apple is king, according to Georges Van Hoegaerden.

A Deal: Commscope says KKR is in talks to buy them at $3 billion

Being Boring: How to get unfriended on Facebook.