peHUB First Read

Jumping Ship: Why Lars Rasmussen quit Google to join Facebook.

Revamp: Gawker to drop its old blog look.

Taking Sides: How groups are using the internet to distort everything.

Letter to the Next Big Social Network: How to take down Facebook, by Dave McClure.

Tender, Not Dry: Butterball turkey phone line remains a staple in the Internet age.

Shocker: Bosses overestimate their management skills.

Good Info: Must read Quora threads for startups.

Self-Awareness: Why Evan Williams demoted himself at Twitter.

Fairway Fix: The top 10 golf destinations.

Gaming: Supreme Court to hear oral arguments on whether violent video games should be regulated.

Bankruptcy: American Media, which owns Shape and Star, to file Chapter 11.

Losing Their Edge: Goldman’s market share of fixed-income trading falls.

Fee Kings: Partners at world’s biggest PE firms reaped $10 billion in management fees over the last 15 years.

Remembering Enron: Skilling to argue for release Monday.