peHUB First Read

Why He Stepped Down: Being CEO is “kind of a sucky job,” says Twitter’s Ev Williams. And, Twitter mulls raising new funds with a $3 billion valuation likely.

Who Leaked: Warner Bros. wants to know how the first 38 minutes of the new Harry Potter movie appeared on the Internet Monday.  They claim it wasn’t a PR stunt.

McRib’s Return: Why it doesn’t matter if you don’t like it.

Prince of Silicon Valley: Frank Quattrone, who took Amazon and Cisco public, tells entrepreneurs to be wary of going public. What?

Biggest IPO: GM returns from the dead and prices its IPO at $33 a share making it one of the largest IPOs ever. Separately, why you should not invest.

Mystery: Facebook and Myspace are going to make a joint announcement later today but it’s not a merger.

Another Farmville: Zynga chooses Facebook to launch its next game, CityVille.

Reality Check: The letter Warren Buffett should’ve written to the U.S. government.

Making Movies: Amazon starts movie studio to fund budding film makers.

Another Split: Barclays to sell its PE business to the unit’s managers.

Making Partner: At Goldman, only 16 women make the cut this year, according to FINS.

Final Close: Blackstone’s latest fund will finally close at $15 billion.