peHUB First Read

Deal of The Day: Groupon is considering selling itself to Google, according to All things Digital.

Stop The Presses: Literally. Murdoch plans a digital newspaper, “The Daily,” for the iPad. Steve Jobs rumored to be involved. Scott Rosenberg, meanwhile, says the “tablet newspaper” will be DOA.

Dancing Online: Paula Abdul adds web entrepreneur to her resume with the launch of AuditionBooth.

Bailout: Ireland becomes the second European nation to seek aid.

Higher Taxes: Warren Buffett says that rich people should pay higher taxes.

Banned, Unbanned: A movie critic loses her privileges and then regains them.

Moving In: A planet from outside the Milky Way ruthlessly pushed its way into our galaxy.

Another Greece: Should Ireland default and devalue? From Felix Salmon

Finding Worth: The New Yorker wonders whether investment bankers are socially worthless. Dealbook, meanwhile, asks if Wall Street can justify its existence.

Where’s Bert: Cookie monster on the loose in Manhattan.