peHUB First Read

Delays: Google’s having problems getting its digital music service off the group in time for the holidays.

Deal of The Day: Groupon may be the subject of Google takeover rumors but the firm is still hiring.

Unbelievable: Patent office has agreed to grant the “Face” trademark to Facebook. And, a study finds that Facebook makes people more social.

Verdict: SAP must pay Oracle $1.3 billion for software theft.

Prevention: Study finds that taking an existing antiretroviral drug can ward off HIV infection.

Who’s Next: Insider trading probe expands to big investments firms, including Janus and Wellington Management.  Also, the real lessons small investors should learn from the scandal but won’t.

Messing with J.R.:  Citigroup won’t give up and is trying to dismiss an $11.6 million award that Larry Hagman won in a securities arbitration case against them.

Prepping for Black Friday: 5 tips to help you shop online safely.

Preppy Aftermath: Now that J. Crew is being sold which retailer is next for a takeover. And the PE Reader weighs in on possible retail deals.

More FB News: Facebook shares gets sliced into derivatives.

State of Mind: Author, who lived one year without telling a lie, now plans to do 12 months without unhappiness. And a PE firm has funded his exploits.

Invention: Two Germans fed up with eating Bratwurst sausages that are not fried to perfection have come up with the Wursttoaster or sausage toaster.