peHUB First Read

More FB News: Facebook to generate about $2 billion in sales this year, faster than originally thought.

Going to the Supremes: DOJ likely to appeal judge’s decision that invalidates key provision of Obamacare.

Wikileaks: Fidel Castro nearly died in 2006.

Not Up For sale: Aeropostale hires Barclays to fend off takeover offers from PE firm.

Another Success: How Cityville became Zynga’s fastest growing game in history.

Deals: AOL buys Pictela.  And, YouTube in talks to acquire Next New Networks.

Good Advice: Exercising before breakfast lessens the effects of holiday pigouts.

Selling Out:, backed by Bain, scoops up unsold tickets to sport events and concerts

Not A Total Boy’s Club: Carlyle has a higher percentage of senior execs who are women.