peHUB First Read

Getting Cut: Moody’s may downgrade the U.S. government’s Aaa debt rating.

Next To Go Public: Zynga is close to hiring Goldman for its IPO.

No More: PayPal cuts ties to Alibaba.

Going Legit: How 7 black hat hackers landed regular jobs.

A Deal: Vangent is up for sale and may fetch $1 billion.

Prediction: Android will overtake the iPad just the way it did the iPhone.

Getting Smacked: John Edwards is expected to be indicted today on criminal charges for trying to cover-up his extra-marital affair.

Cure Possible: The man who had HIV and now he doesn’t.

With Certitude: Rep. Anthony Weiner, of New York, now goes quiet about the “photo” after talking endlessly about it.