peHUB Second Opinion 07.14

Finally: Spotify, the European digital music service, makes its U.S. debut.

Earnings: Google revenues top $9 bln. And, Larry Page can’t stop talking about Google+.

Minor Mistakes: Rupert Murdoch, in an interview with WSJ of course, says News Corp. has handled the tabloid newspaper scandal “extremely well.” The FBI is also investigating whether News Corp. tried to hack into the phones of Sept. 11 victims. AND, the New York Post tells junior staffers not to do any “obvious, unethical journalstic things.”

Going Public: Groupon adds 11 more banks to its already hefty IPO.

What Was That? Google searches may affect your memory, a study finds.

Scarey Weird: Shares of Medicis Pharmaceutical tumble after CEO’s girlfriend found dead in his house.

No More: One PE exec tells RIM they won’t get anymore of his money.

Rejected: Zynga bid $1 bln to buy PopCap but was rejected in favor of EA.

Out of Business? Borders Group proposed sale to NaJafi Cos. falls apart.

Cat Fight: You thought “Real Housewives” was bad? Just wait until “Wall $treet Wives” airs. Casting call notices went out Wednesday, Dealbook says.