peHUB Second Opinion 09.12

Some Clarity: Why is EBITDA useful? Fred Wilson tells us why.

How Much? Hurricane Irene is gone but it’s gonna cost insurers up to $5.5 billion.

Cameo: Bloomberg Businessweek makes a guest appearance on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Tweet Fight: Arrington issues a challenge to Arianna Huffington but gets no response.

Urban Legend: Dentists are not more likely to kill themselves.

Super Poke: Why Facebook should buy Yahoo, by BreakingViews.

Consider Yahoo! Mail: A horribly unimpressive list of products Yahoo launched under Carol Bartz.

Addiction: If you’re trying to stop playing Angry Birds, here’s some help.

The Winner Is: Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway says it’s hired Ted Weschler as a key investment manager.

Oops, She Did It Again: Is Serena Williams a victim or a bully?

Final Number: BofA says it will cut 30,000 jobs and slash annual expenses by $5 bln.

Video: Frank Aquila, a partner at Sullivan & Cromwell, says Q4 M&A could be very robust.