peHUB Second Opinion 09.20

Stop Now: Netflix CEO Reed Hastings can’t stop producing more insane follow-up emails. And, is Qwikster up for sale?

Another Madoff: U.S. DOJ accuses Full Tilt Poker execs of operating a Ponzi scheme.

Virtual Currency: 10 cool tech ideas to help market a business.

True or Not? Facebook’s revenue is on target to hit $4.27 billion this year.

Going Beta: Google+ opens up to everyone.

Look Who’s Shopping for a Book Deal: Anonymous, the hacker group, is looking for a publisher for its book, Tales From Inside The Accidental Cyberwar.

Shakeups: Uber’s New York office has seen two execs resign.

Finally: Comcast is offering low-income families in its service area $10 a month Internet connections and access to $150 computers.