peHUB Second Opinion 10.26

Want to know the riskiest domains on the Web? McAfee tells all in its fourth annual Mal Web report.

Is writing a lengthy blog post really the best way to quit your job?

As Google fights for the right to acquire ITA Software, some ITA investors are being forced not to take sides.

Glaxo has agreed to a $750 million fine to settle complaints that for years, it knowingly sold contaminated products, including baby ointments.

Cardinal Health’s lose-lose proposition in batting down LBO rumors.

Telecom equipment maker CommScope confirms that Carlyle has approached it with a take-private offer.

Goodbye, MacBook Pro. The new MacBook Air is that much more awesome, says TechCrunch’s MG Siegler.

A new device emerges to detect stress through the skin’s electrical impulses – and potentially gauge what affects an autistic person.