peHUB Second Opinion 11.02

So Popular: Groupon’s IPO is so hot that it will stop taking orders this afternoon.

On The Cusp: Steve Jobs gave this interview in 1995 to Computerworld before he launched the iPod, the iPad or even the iPhone. The Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson has sold 379,000 copies in the U.S.

Need a Job? Mark Zuckerberg is returning to Boston to find some engineers.

Moving West: Bain Capital Ventures talks about their new six-person office in Palo Alto.

Next! And a third woman accuses Hermain Cain of sexual harassment.

IE Drops: Internet Explorer’s hold on web traffic falls to below 50%.

The Best Exit: When an acquisition beats an IPO, from Tom Taulli.

Fred Wilson: Want to be a VC? Start a company.

Earnings: News Corp.’s net income drops as company continues to deal with the phone-hacking scandal, its withdrawal of the BSkyB bid and closing News of the World.