peHUB Second Opinion 11.08

Headlines Get Attention: 15 must know facts on how people view web sites.

Jet Plane: Getting hired by LivingSocial is like going on American Idol.

Another Offering: Yelp has hired Goldman and Citi to lead its IPO.

No Glitch: Consumer Reports says the iPhone 4S doesn’t have the antenna problems that the previous version had.

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee: Wait, that was Ali who said that. RIP Joe Frazier.

New Plans: MF Global may liquidate instead of reorganizing.

Hatchet Job? Maybe. Scammer? Definitely. But Charlie O’Donnell of First Round Capital sounds like a sweet guy.

Hasta La Vista: Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi will resign after the new budget law is passed.

Going Home: FB’s Mark Zuckerberg returns to Harvard to recruit.

Up For Sale: HP to hold meeting tonight and decide whether webOS to be sold.

Zooming Past: The asteroid will pass by Earth at 6:28 ET tonight.

Amazing: Watch this amazing video of a surfer riding a 90 foot wave, the largest ever.