peHUB Second Opinion 11.09

Brazil and India: Where women are rising the fastest.

Stocks: The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 389.24 points, or 3.2%, to 11780.94.

The Power of Sharing: How Steve Case and his company are driving the sharing economy.

Steve Jobs Killed Flash: Adobe says Wednesday that it won’t be developing Flash for mobile devices.

Cruel & Unusual: Supreme Court to decide if kids 14 and under, who took part in a murder, can be sentenced to jail without parole.

Deal? Silver Lake becomes latest PE firm to sign Yahoo’s restrictive NDA.

Siri Competition: Amazon buys a voice recognition startup.

Where are the Women: Google+ users are still mostly men.

Christopher Walen: Is BofA prepping to file Chapter 11?

Coincidence, We Hope: Andy Rooney’s college roommate, who was in his 90s, drops dead at Rooney’s memorial luncheon.