peHUB Second Opinion 11.10

No Deal: E*Trade calls off plans to sell itself.

Just Kidding: S&P sends out an erroneous report on France’s credit rating (it’s still Triple A).

Juicing: Starbucks buys Evolution Fresh for $30 million.

After the IPO: Report says that Groupon’s entire float has been sold short.

Drunk Dialing: Man arrested after calling cops five times to complain about his broken iPhone.

Magical Mystery Tour: CFTC commissioner charges that missing $593 mln is the result of a “massive hide and seek ploy.” And, Dealbreaker invites us along to help find the missing money.

Settlement: Facebook is readying a settlement with the FTC that would make all future privacy settings opt-in.

The Carry: Here’s a breakdown of private equity’s carried interest with a pretty picture.

It’s a Guy: The voice behind the British Siri outs himself despite Apple warning.