peHUB Second Opinion 11.11

Animal Planet
Animal Planet

From the Students: Stanford op-ed wants Wall Street recruitment on campus to end.

Seriously, Poynter? Jim Romenesko forced to leave for not putting in quotation marks.

Aftermath: Eight SEC employees were disciplined but not fired for how they handled the Madoff ponzi scheme.

Diversity: Do black entrepreneurs face a bias?

We Need Kryptonite: Herman Cain shrugs off boatload of sex harassment claims to remain in first place among Republican presidential nominees.

No, They’re Not Bungee Jumping: Endangered rhinos are air-lifted to safety in South Africa.

You’re Fired: MF Global lets go of 1,066 employees.

Still Not Working: That Apple software update didn’t fix the battery glitch.

Money Hungry: Jay-Z plans to sell T-shirts supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement but won’t share any of the profits with the protesters.

Oh no! It’s the Great Pumpkin: Man suffers a concussion after getting hit by a pumpkin.