peHUB Second Opinion 11.16

According to a new Harvard study, interviewers prize style over substance.

Analysts weigh in on how scared (or not) Google and Yahoo should be of FaceMail.

Feel a little squeamish about those airport body scanners? You’re going to feel a lot worse after reading this piece.

Even when they’ve been shot, hammered, and sawed to pieces, Apple’s products manage to look cool.

Carol Bartz explains Yahoo’s business without dropping the f-bomb — or answering whether she’d be open to a take-private offer.

One day after publicly stating that its offer to buy Dynegy was firm, Blackstone calls its new $5-a-share bid to be its “best and final” offer.

Hedge fund guru John Paulson has been dumping bank stocks like hot coals.

Some restaurants secretly loathe OpenTable, while others are pretty open about their hatred.