peHUB Second Opinion 11.19

Groupon continues to shop itself around, while the going is still good.

Accel Partners is selling large chunks of its Facebook stock, according to TechCrunch, which counts Andressen Horowitz as one buyer.

TechStar’s founder sees an accelerator implosion up ahead.

Fortune outlines how Facebook wound up trouncing MySpace.

Bethany McLean says the economic crisis was “never about home ownership.”

Harry & David CEO Steven Heyer and Wasserstein & Co. CEO Ellis Jones discuss the differences between public and private companies.

After losing to Wells Fargo in its bid for Wachovia Corporation, Citigroup gets a $100 million consolation prize from Wells to resolve claims that it acted unfairly.

The FT underscores why China’s rampant credit growth will likely end in tears.

Will Mike Bloomberg’s unwavering loyalty to Steve Rattner kill his shot at the White House?

A naked guy in a car trunk freaks out German users of Google’s street view.