peHUB Second Opinion 11.29

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg interviewed George W. Bush this afternoon at “The Facebook,” as Bush called it. See the video here.

Anyone want to buy Anyone? Bueller?

A tour of New York’s “Silicon Beach.”

Steve Rattner’s attorney describes a proposed $20 million payment to Andrew Cuomo’s office as excessive, “misconceived” and “wholly untethered from the facts” in the case against his client.

Seagate is throwing up its hands and buying back it own shares after failing to woo a buyer.

John Doerr sees “bigger than billion-dollar greentech IPOs in the next 18 months.”

Meet Tom Barrack, a billionaire who has discovered a market in distressed assets (the kind better known as fading celebrities).

The secret government computer network that made Wikileaks’ cable release possible.

Time travel back to 2005 to see Reddit’s founders’ Y Combinator application.