peHUB Second Opinion 11.30

Want to see into the future of Web publishing? This post by Nick Denton is a must-read.

Adam Lashinsky interviews MySpace CEO Mike Jones while he’s still at the helm.

A trial over Goldman Sachs’ trading code opens a window onto high-frequency trading.

Bank of America. Easy. Secure. Free. And now, the likely target of Wikileaks’ next document dump.

Twice isn’t always nice, says The Deal, which takes a look at why TPG might find wringing enormous gains from J.Crew harder a second time.

Goodbye to Dubai.

Liz Gannes highlights the more interesting sentiments to emerge from George W. Bush’s book-shilling appearance yesterday at Facebook.

The Journal takes a stab at why Google really wants Groupon.

LinkedIn joins the article-sharing party.

How the superrich will approach the Basel art fair, kicking off Thursday in Miami.