peHUB Second Opinion

Concero Coming: Microsoft is building a new management tool that allows customers to oversee both on-premises and cloud-based services.

Drop That Fifth Martini: Binge drinking more common among wealthier Americans.

Apple: Would you take $1 billion to run the biggest tech company in the world?

Rookie Mistake: State cuts bond offering after NJ Governor Chris Christie’s says healthcare costs will bankrupt the state.

Merger Block: Justice Department is considering blocking Google’s $700 mln buy of ITA Software.

No More Burnt Taste: Starbucks plans to work with Tata coffee to buy coffee beans from India.

Big Charge: AT&T plans to take a $17 billion charge as it changes the way it handles its pension fund.

Now We Know: The government’s bailout of Citigroup was “strikingly ad-hoc,” a government watchdog says.

Mom Alert: Amy Chua, author of “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior?” answers questions and tells us why Eastern parenting can lead to happier lives.