peHUB Second Opinion

Doomsday, again: The Dow plunged 512 points today, the worst one-day slide since 2008.

Matchbox Cars: So you sold your company. What did you buy first?

Signs of the Apocalypse: Bank of New York Mellon is charging some depositors to hold their cash.

Apple: Steve Jobs’ company is #1 in the world for smartphone shipments.

Tech Tussle: MSFT fires back after a Google exec claims that Microsoft was conspiring with Apple and others to keep patents away from Google.

Crying at Work: Are startups better as single-gender affairs?

Not Gone Yet: Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner hasn’t decided whether he will leave.

Delayed: Ally Financial has put its $6 bln IPO on hold until at least September.

Where are those Legg Mason sale rumors? Nelson Peltz raised his stake in Legg to 9.9%.

Take that, Haters: LinkedIn’s Q2 results beat the Street.