peHUB Second Opinion 12.13

Going to the Dogs: This is an actual bed and breakfast in Idaho.

So Pretty: Who is actually the most read author on the Internet?

Flying High: Paul Allen plans to build a spaceship that will replace the space shuttle.

Now I’m Safe: National Transportation Safety Board wants all states to ban cell phone use while driving.

The Quest: Scientists close in on the so-called “God Particle.”

Occupy Wall Street: Goldman and Morgan Stanley are getting a chilly reception at Harvard and Princeton.

Earning Their Money: VCs will lose their grip on tech startups, Erik Sherman says.

Deal? Apple reportedly in talks to buy Anobit for $400-$500 mln. And, the founding Apple contract sold for $1.6 mln at Sotheby’s today.

Check This Out: Google’s street view lets you experience the tsunami-affected areas of Japan.

Qwikster: The top 7 tech fails of 2011.

A Moment of Seriousness: Stop telling cats to do more startups.

Sinking Ship: A high number of partners are leaving Goldman.

Here’s the top links at Tweetminster today.