peHUB Second Opinion 12.6

Oof. A Facebook security flaw is exploited to show Mark Zuckerberg’s own pics.

Pretty sure there’s a new job opening at J.P. Morgan.

Sean Parker reportedly creates a scene with a fire extinguisher (while his publicist says it’s so much B.S.)

A Chinese bank teams up with K.K.R., TPG Capital, and Permira funds.

Bernanke: there was no ‘secret’ bank bailout, and it was only $1.5 trillion, geez.

Why the euro is so resilient.

Morgan Stanley managing directors and Citi traders will serenade a crowd with cover songs tonight, all to support war veterans. See, not bad guys! Good guys!

It’s coming — a book on Amazon’s encroaching domination, that is.

Alec Baldwin gets booted from an American Airlines flight, after refusing to turn off his iPhone.

A member of the “one percent” would like you to know that buying art is less fun these days, what with all the “phonies and scenesters.”