peHUB Second Opinion

Always Working: Woman dies in her cubicle but no one notices until the next day.  It’s true, really.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: A list of the Silicon Valley execs that get to dine with President Obama tonight. And what should Obama discuss with Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, et al.

Y Combinator Founder: There is no tech bubble (because its a pyramid scheme).

The Puny Human Brain: Ken Jennings talks about playing Jeopardy against Watson, the supercomputer.

Flash Deal: Nordstrom buys flash sales site HauteLook for $180 million.

Squeezing Credit: Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit says that new U.S. banking rules may mean tighter credit and less access for borrowers.

Exchange Talks: Nasdaq has hired Bank of America to search out deals.

On the Court: A play about the relationship between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird is being made for Broadway.